Saturday, April 13, 2013

SL Disneybounding Week 5..Dory

"Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, 
do you wanna know what you've gotta do?"

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   Raise your hand if you were singing along with the rest of us? *chagrined*
   So I'm one of those that hasn't heard about the upcoming Disney movie for Dory and much to my dismay, was mercilessly teased by my teenagers that their dear old mum, was quite behind on the latest and greatest. Right..I do love whitty children I do..
   Oh Dory, Dory, the perpetual optimist with the child-like faith, your positive attitude, your classic sense of humor. Where were you during the last post? jk. Your short term memory loss inspires the likes of me. That's why my local office supply store runs out of Post-It notes every weekend. Lately, my memory has not been so great due to my RL medications and its quite humbling in your mid 30's :/ Thank goodness for the internet, eh?!!! (that's about the only ditzy line I'll write here, I promise.)
   The color combo for Dory was very similar to Snow White's last week and as luck would have it, an opportunity to finally show off my yellow Crash Republic's Gauze Beach Pants. I am also wearing the collared shirt in navy from mon tissu's, where I took this image. You can see in the reflection on the tugboat, the Erare Project Tanks.. which I think is an in-genius build btw. I had my Dory posed staring into the tanks but yeah, that didn't work out so well. Ah time.
    Do be sure to stop by for more information about SL Disneybounding. 
    Until then, stay righteous!

Featured Items:
Top>mon tissu's collared shirt in navy (new)
Bottom>Crash Republic's Gauze Beach Pants in yellow
Necklace and Bracelet>MiWardrobe Audrey Necklace in black; The Unique Rosary bracelet in silver
Earrings>Cherry's Larissa Earrings in yellow*
Skin>Essences' Opera Chic, light brown
Hair>Magika's Awake (new)
Eyes>Mulholland's Angelina Eyes *GIFT* Available @ Hollywood: The Event
Poses by Ricielli

Location: Mayfair Region

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