Friday, April 12, 2013

Salute to the SL Press Corp..

Quick Edit using Ribbet.. 
pretty clever design.. and so many ways to describe the mood.
   Didn't even know there was a SL Press Corp, huh?.. My gosh folks, give us fashionewbies a hint lol.
   After clicking the 'Publish' button earlier for today's Learning 2 Style post, I happen to glance over at my blog roll thingie ma jig..and saw that Gogo over at had a few updates I missed. Long story short, went over and did a quick glance to catch up and came across her recent article on Collabor88.
   Apparently, a few bloggers who've covered Collabor88 events were banned without notice and if you have time to dig out the nitty gritty, more power to you lol. (yeah I mentioned I love gossy in this meme right? mhmm)
   With that being said, I myself, am still, a fan of Drinkinstein Sorbet's designs.. maybe not of the designer herself..I perved her profile, she seems like a decent person I guess, (she does live in Hawaii laadeedaa). But you can appreciate the design and not the artist, its a free virtual country! So I read through Gogo's blog and through the comments link backs, etc. Not that anyone cares, but I agree its bad form to diss a handpicked event blogger by banning them from said covered event.
   That's kind of a 'duh' thing right? Event coordinating isn't a walk in the park. I get that you have to cater to vendors/designers and I get, that everyone is due their fair share, designers, customers, organizers alike. So, Event Coordinators... here's an old tip for you in case you plum forgot.. Bloggers can be your worst nightmare, or your best of friends. Even newbies like moi, know the value of our printed opinions. That is what I love about my country tis of thee... Words have power, and I'm so glad for this freedom and right.
   Imagine how far an idea, negative or positive can be reached across the internet with one mouse click. This isn't a new concept. So here's what I'll take from both Gogo's article and SL Fashion Events in general. Collabor88 is one I've always gone to because of the hype and this one especially for Glam Affair's Margot (shameless blurb). I will be more cautious this time round, simply because I would hate to think there really are Richards out there.. female or male.. with or without tentacles.
   Ciao ciao...
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