Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Boysenberry Field

^^ you'll notice the texture of the dress doesn't reach completely to the bottom.. just a quick note there.
   Hellos! Welcome to the celebration! What's the occasion? Why, we're celebrating the fact that CozeySL is now caught up with The Twisted Color Challenge! (cue applause gesture here.. no spam though!) Righhttt lol.
   So this maxi dress is pretty interesting, and is from Loovus Dzevavor. I found it at SL Fashion Week last week and the chevron pattern is what drew me. The only issue I really had was that bottom bit which I'm not sure if the designer intended.  And I didn't want to 'not' show it in a post either, because its poor fashion blogging etiquette to hide stuff like that yah?
   Anyway, I felt confident in my purchase regardless, not to complain about the dress but more to focus on the pattern which is fab. I'm enjoying seeing this trend on different pieces and hope to see more on the grid.
   I also wanted to point out, again, the skin that I am wearing by Plastik that was showcased at this year's Skin Fair. The Astrali series includes several makeups and tattoo layers. I chose the Saturne Skin (again lol) along with the Daah face tattoo. My favorite feature about the Saturne skin is that it has a bit of shadow under the bottom of the eyelids and depending on your shape, it can be prominent or subtle.
  Its still pretty early in the week but I am glad to have had the chance to catch up with the colors. If you're lurking around, and have needed a good jump start for your blog, this challenge is a great way to start. Do visit Sookie's World for more information and the next theme..
  Cheers :-)
Featured Items:
Dress> Loovus Dzevavor's Chevy to the Levy Maxi Dress | Turbulence
*Collar> lassitude & ennui Viola lace collar | grey and black lace
Ring> Glam Affair's Isys Gem Ring | silver black
*Earrings> 8+ Pearl Earrings
Skin> the Plastik's Astrali Series | Saturne-Shadow; Ataciara Make-ups | Body Freckles; Soul Ink Reloaded | Daah
Eyes> Ibanez Soft Glow Eyes | Chione Light
Hairbase> MADesigns hairbase - Hearts
Hair> RAW House Tijana Hair | coal
Poses> !bang series 330-339 Available @ Pose Fair 2013!!

Twisted Color Challenge @ Sookie's World
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