Friday, April 12, 2013

L2S #8 That's Hollywood baby..

"Happiest Girls are the Prettiest." Audrey Hepburn

   Hi folks. So a few things I did to break out of the blogging blues. Built a make shift, long curtain drape, thing..that I've been seeing every where since Methuselah..and finally went to The Event | Hollywood. Not sure what to call it, The Event @ Hollywood? The Hollywood Event? 
   I actually thought the build was decent. The Hollywood Star walk is a brilliant design. ehem.. righhttt, so as I was yammering about the blogging blues. I think its non infectious and will try not to spread it. I believe we catch it when we're either uninspired, bored, overinspired, over active, RL gets in the way, or what I'm going through, self doubt low SL picture taking self esteem. 
   See I'm not a whiz at Photoshop, Gimp or any other, and I lack the patience to drag out ye old super computer for sole use of its graphics card... which will then enable lights and shadows on my client. And for me to take the time to gut out all my machines, just to take pretty pictures of products that I buy, and that I will probably only wear once (for a post)..well, its sort of a lot right now. This is the malady I'm suffering. Please tell me I'm not alone lol. 
   So with whatever tools I have or have learned how to use from epic bloggers who aren't so self righteous as to share their knowledge, I just plod right along. Never started this thing for followers or a huge blogroll, and from reading this post earlier from Alon Alphaville himself (Designing SL fame), it only solidifies what I've always believed about blogging in general. Do it because it makes you happy. Write because you mean things. And stay away from fluff aka SL Bloggeratti. 

Featured Items:
Dress>Incognito by Tres Beau Available Exclusively @ The Event
Hairdid and Earrings>EMOtions Adore Me *GIFT* Available Exclusively @ The Event
Skin>Glam Affair's Margot-America 02 Available @ Collabor88
Shoes>ryvolter's Ulla Translucent Pumps
Poses>Ma Vie and FPP

Thanks for dropping by and watch the vid if you have time.. its pretty cool :)
Cheers <3

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