Tutorials | Helpful Links

Here are a few links to tutorials, tips and such that I've come across through other bloggers, and general Google keyword searching. Second Life Blogging is quite an undertaking and for newbies like me (I'm still flabbergasted at the sheer amount of content on the web) I need all the help I can get.

Second Life Photography|Blogging| Anything! How To's:

Its Only Fashion Blog - rich resource for everything including lighting|shadows, viewer preferences, and how to's for marketing your fashion blog. Cajsa Lilliehook shares all of her experience and does a fantastic job with her articles, I've learned so much! I have yet to join any blogger support group or feed, but just reading through the material feels like I've gone through training. She also links back to several other familiar blogs that include how to's as well. Do visit!

Strawberry Singh.com - everyone who's anyone in the SL blogosphere has at one time or another been a recipient of Ms. Strawberry's remarkable and artistic talent. Her tutorials helped me to overcome my fear of Photoshop and the Second Life Viewer lol. If this is not on your blogroll, or bookmarked, it should be.

Katey Coppola's Youtube Tutorials- simple, easy to understand, and you can't help but giggle with her. Her sense of humor is contagious and I appreciate that she keeps her tuts, short and sweet.

SL Blogger Support- this is a great community of bloggers veterans and new folk alike. The blogroll itself is just in depth and I've found myself so many times coming back to see whats on the up and up. Some great tutorials as well and you can join their in world group!

General Photo Editing Tips and Tricks:

So I use a combination of Photoshop Elements 11 and Gimp 2.6. Open source anything is kind of like my candy stick, but, I find that PSE/PS Liquify is far superior than Gimp's iwarp. (the main reason I purchased it finally).

Couture Collection : adding layered textures can dramatically change your image's mood. This tutorial has some great before and afters, and very helpful with knowing what effect to use (overlay, multiply etc) over an image.

The CoffeeShop Blog: a great source for free textures, this set is called 'Baking with Mom' and is one of my favorites to use for working with themed portraits.

Shall add more as I learn along the way. Aloha and hope this helps.