Monday, April 15, 2013

Focus, you must..

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
Mark Twain

   Lately, I just haven't been as focused as I would like or hope to be. I blame the drugs. I truly truly do :P While on a midnight stroll (troll, lurk, stalk, whatever) through posts by some of my favorite bloggers, I noticed Strawberry Singh had done a lovely portrait using Cajsa Lilliehook's projectors which are available online here. So fellow padawans, we of course must heed the call and learn for ourselves!
   Cajsa has a vast amount of tutorials many of which I've gone through and incorporated in my uhh ongoing snapology thesis aka photo manipulation. I did try to build my own, and it worked fine until I noticed there weren't any shadows behind my avatar. Might try to tinker with it again. (Yo, I didn't say I was pro so ease off mah face!) For those in the know, that is ghetto speak for, Yes I am a noob.

DO read Strawberry's post on this as well as Cajsa's tutorial for more information.
Thanks for dropping by and remember fellow padawans, "Do or do not. There is NO try.."
**Post edit insert here**
   O.O so I was going to put in a reply to Strawberry's post thanking her for the motivation to finally work on pictures with projecting lights and found a bunch of.. well CRAP in the comment boxes. Word to the wise and haters... Thank you for your hitpoints. (what's that like 50 views per negative comment?! Someone call a code ID10T? I think sooo!)

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Strawberry Singh said...

Your pictures look amazing! And thank you for the comment in my post. <3