Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge Week 12 Hemingway in the Sienna

   Week 12 of Sookie's Twisted Color Challenge gives us the Hemingway in Sienna, twist. I wanted to do a tiny blurb about this color combo because its actually my favorite of the last few orangey challenges we've had. Its very subtle and not too overpowering.. and sienna always reminded me of Arizona, not that that has anything to do with this post mind you lol. (ramble away shall we)
   I'm loving TCC for two very distinct reasons.. 1.) I get to shop with a unique color palette in mind and 2.) I get to add really awesome pieces to my wardrobe, on my sim, Spare-oom. (Yeah that was kind of cheesy sorry lol)
   Yes, I am as determined as an Aries to get caught up so hence the +5 posts for today!

Featured Items:
Jacket>>Toki-Doki's Haru Jacket, Lillies
Pants>>Leezu's Me Like It Pants Available @ TDR Fusion 
Shoes>>Donna by Redgrave
Jewelry>>lasstitude & ennui Knotted Pearls Necklace
Hair>>ploom's Indecisive for Aries Available @ The Zodiac
Poses>>Purple Poses' Lara Available @ SL Fashion Week

Hyperlink Hop to the Twisted Color Challenge and try it out!

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