Tuesday, April 2, 2013

L2S #6 Texture Me Silly

“All real works of art look as though they were done in joy.” 

   Alright.. so 'texturing' is not technically painting or a work of art.. or is it? Semantics, shumantiks..
   I appreciate pieces that are different and ride along the fence of flamboyance. Whether designers opt for hand drawing or just piecing together virtual epicness from other artists, when its done right, its done well eh?
   Pretty sure that the pieces featured here were made with joy, maybe not the kind that gives you tears but I'll gather the designers weren't in fits of rage either :P
   The Feathertide pants in image 1 are by Maia Corvus Monedula of Magic No Magic, and they caught my eye immediately, just all around fun to wear and truly exotic me thinks. I tried to pair them with a solid button down shirt and holy cow, that's the one item I don't have in my closet  inventory. So there, my lesson for today, make sure to have basic solid pieces. (What's that like, Fashion 101?) Schadenfreude actually has imo one of the best button downed shirts, and yeah I took the lazy route and keyworded marketplace :/ annnddd they're honest to goodness system layers with sculpted collar and cuffs! Really easy to tuck them in mesh pants ;-)
   The second image highlights dresses that I thought were very Cozey-like and what I love wearing during Seattle summers. I wouldn't call them babydoll-esque, rather, fun and flirty. The dress on the left is the Sofia Vintage from Mirror's Enigma, and the on the right is a cutesy find from Malfean Visions, currently available at this month's Outlet Salesroom Event. 
   The final image features the beginnings of a skinny jean fetish that I am currently trying to grow out of, seeing that I never wear skinny jeans irl lol! ( we love our virtual barbie, repeats that over and over). They are from the one and only Precious Restless of Boudoir. If you haven't heard, nor seen nor smelled.. well if you haven't gone, its one of those, you must sorts of things. I can browse forever at all of the images where Boudoir is featured, and these pictures are truly works of art.
   Learning 2 Style, is just that.. an education for the likes of fashionoobsters like me. And I appreciate any comments or suggestions on how to put things together. If you're still around reading this, oh sneaky lurker, just know that intimidating as the SL Blogosphere maybe.. we're all in it for fun. Or we are of all men/women most miserable. Cheers~

Featured items:
Image 1-
Magic no Magic Feathertide Mesh Pants Guinea,Ibis,Peacock
Schadenfreude Oxford Shirts Sepia, Charcoal, White
Shoes: Donna by Redgrave
Jewelry: Lazuri's Tres Chic Ring and Necklace

Image 2-
Mirror's Enigma Sofia Vintage Heather Dress
Malfean Visions Memoirs Tunic in Jade Available at The Outlet Salesroom
Gos Marilyn Sandals

Image 3-
Versailles Mesh Jeans from Boudoir
Vintage Mesh Jeans from Boudoir
Flower Child Elizabeth Blouse Creme and Black Available at The Box
Boudoir's Black Shoes

Other credits-
Divine Camisole by Le Poppycock
Hair: Wasabi Pills' Ivette
Skin: Glam Affair's Zara in American
Eyes: Ikon's Exposure Lucid Eyes
Poses: Le Poppycock and Everglow's Pose Fair 2013 Girls Set

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