Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TCC Week 11 Crucible's Pom

   I am having way too much fun with this editor. I haven't touched PSE or Gimp in almost 72 hours, which I think is good yah? So my lame excuse for not posting better quality pictures without the massive aid of editors, is... my teenagers are on spring break. And when teenagers are on spring break, the good computer with the epic graphics card is, stolen commandeered. When teenagers are on spring break, everything in the house breaks including my sanity. (okay no more raving mother rants lets get to that top for Week 11's Twisted Color Challenge!)
   That top, is pretty amazing considering it is non mesh and designed by Maya Levane of Toki-Doki. The bottom piece is an honest to goodness sculpty! There are several Spring Shirts in this line so be sure to drop by and take a peek.
   Also, I went ahead and finally went to Gizza to pick up the Asia Watch & Bracelet set of which is pretty darn gorgeous. I usually don't wear watches per se` on SL, but there are a few designers who have added more pinache to the accessory. Do drop by and make it a staple if you haven't already.
   On to Week 12!

Featured Items:
Top> Toki Doki's Pastel Spring Shirt in peach (non mesh)
Jeans>coldLogic's calle.02
Jewelry>Gizza's Asia Watch & Bracelet in creme/gold (new!)

Other credits:
Gos' Barefeetsies!
Truth's Hollana Hair
Pink Fuel's Alyx Skin
Purple Poses Lara Available @ SL Fashion Week

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