Monday, March 25, 2013

Zodiac's Aries and Mr. Malcontent...

“You don't strike me as the princess type."
"What's that suppose to mean?"
Daniel Smiled. "It means that I'd still go out of my way to rescue you, but you'd probably smack me across the head and try to slay the dragon yourself.” 
― Jeyn RobertsDark Inside

     The other day, our family celebrated my eldest child's 15th birthday. She is a proud Aries. And when I say proud, I mean, the Joan of Arc kind of proud. Ever since she was a gapped tooth chunky asian baby, she was determined to make her mark in the world as an artist and writer. She's the adventurer in our family, and  like my other children, teach me everyday what it means to live. So heads up, Aries.. or rather horns up?? This Piscean knows your number, and gladly relishes in your spontaneity, you hard headed bastion you!
   The team from Hottie Cooterati presents this month's Zodiac in Aries and with it a great set of furniture from Divine Falodir of .lame furnitures, a set of lively poses by Exposeur and much more.
   I usually don't pay attention to prim counts, as much as I used to when I 'worked' on the grid. But that all changed with my Breedables. Prim count is now a huge priority and I'm always on the look out for low land impact furniture. Falodir does a fantastic job with his mesh creations, and I thoroughly enjoy the realistic textures he brings to the table. .lame, will probably be a staple in my basic deco as well and I'm glad for it!
   Do visit .lame's main store and don't forget to stop by Zodiac in Aries!
Mal is wearing Ruca Tease's Mens Mesh Leather Jacket, Available at Ruca Tease. Comes with a 7 texture changer HUD (Sleeves) and standard sizing.

   Did I forget to mention whom I coerced into this snapshot series? Its not really glamorous. Its me! I introduced Malnzoe in this previous post as my male alt and have since updated the poor bloke. I chose Belleza's Jacob (Best Buy Find!!) for his skin, hair from kMADD and a Polynesian tattoo from Tiki Tattoo. 
  I'm still on the look out for a less, uh, hairier? Skin? Mal is quite the project and finding male only stores was a bit of a chore. Thankfully however, so many of you blog about them :-)
  Again be sure to drop by the Zodiac and if you have an Aries buddy or 2, bring em along!

Featured Items:
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Top>> LeeZu's Mon Petit Robe FFL 2013 Find
Bottom>> Bronze fisnet from erratic 50% Sale off Everything at Main Store
Shoes>> ISON hawkin boots in tomato Available Now at the Arcade
Jewelry>> Pure Poison Rock Leather Studds Bracelets
Nails>> Pure Poison Naira Set Available now exclusively at L'accessoires
Hair>> Magika's Later
Glasses>> Redgrave Neo Sunglasses

Outfit>>FATEwear Ocean Edward Suit by Damien Fate
Shoes>> Kauna Brown Brogues

Furniture AND Poses available exclusively at Hottie Cooterati's Zodiac|Aries Event!!
Bobby's Daybed from .lame
Bobby's Frames from .lame
Kyle's Rug from .lame
La Vida Loca Couple Pose by Exposeur!

Taxi to the Zodiac

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