Monday, March 11, 2013

50 Shades of Sexy Weekend Round up ft. Ruca Tease!

Week 9 Pillow Talk

Week 10 Discipline

   How is everyone, are we all in one piece, have we survived the mind blowing weekend Fashion Friends?? After going through some of my favorite tumblrs and feeds, there was one theme underlying a majority of posts that I read... Sheer Exhaustion!! LOL And the good kind of course. I like to call it, Fashion Event Coma, or FEC for short lol. I have a theory that Event Managers have something in common no matter what venue or event and that is, we love torture.
    So semi-comical rant over, I took these shots for the 50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge, before the mayhem, and am really pleased how they turned out, not because of the props and such, but because I get to wear Ruca Tease's lingerie line! I have to admit at first, mesh lingerie intimidated me, mostly because there really is no telling if the Alpha layer included is modifiable.
   Fortunately, the alpha layers for these posts were and with some patience and newbesque PS skills, was able to get them just right. This would be a good time for me to introduce the 2nd character in my pictures, ladies and germs, my male alt, Malnzoe!! Mal was actually created a few years ago to offset my need for a male counterpart in SL photography and always a help with uhm... pose ball editing, yep :P
   Something to keep in mind, is this round of the Whore Couture Fair presented by the awesome Flair for Events Team. Its simply a lingerie must! You can find out more information here and a quick google image search will give you plenty of samples of who and what you can find there. 
   Here's hoping this week will find us all busy about, as we update, organize and put away our goodies from last week....... Did I mention Skin Fair starts on Friday? No?!.... A penny earned and all that jazz.. 

Week 9 Pillow Talk
Outfit: Ruca Tease Can Can Mesh Lingerie by Bonadea Avedon
Hair: Wasabi Pills Ivette by MissAllSunday Lemon Available at Whore Couture Fair 2

Skin: Cupcakes Amelie by Mimi Coral Available at Shopping Free*Style
Jewelry: Ruca Tease Bear Necklace
Tablet: Kal Rau
Pillow with Poses: Candlelight Evening Furniture Fireside Floor Pillows by Winter Penucca

Week 10 Discipline
Outfit: Ruca Tease  Chemise Set with Texture Changing HUD (includes 7 Textures!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills  Julia Available at Whore Couture Fair 2

50 Shades of Sexy Blog and Prompt List
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