Tuesday, March 26, 2013

L2S #4 Statement Necklaces, long coats and.. grid lines?

   Yeah I'm still learning how to get rid of those (grid lines). What's that saying, we're our own worst enemy? The problem is I use 3 different machines (computers/laptops) and only one of them has the SL Beta Viewer and 'good' graphics card. I'm not using that one right now hence that sexy line riding down the middle of the image^^

   Yesterday I took a few pictures of the new Ruca Tease Patchwork Leather coat and not long after, Bon went ahead and sent me the next in the same line, the Lulumoon Ladies long coat, complete with mesh boy shorts. Her choice in the paisley like texturing and bold colors of black and pink I think made the outfit stand out. I really like this type of cut with the meshies btw and will be looking for more.
   So this is where I learn that 'styling' thing yah? What do plunging necklines usually call for besides a place to hide hankies? A statement necklace! See I am learning! Decided on E-clipse' LaSchiava Necklace in Onyx|Silver to complement that paisley, and cross my fingers I hope that was a good choice. 
    Thanks for dropping by :-)

Featured Items:

Outfit>> Ruca Tease' Lulumoon by Bonadea Avedon Available @ Ruca Tease Main Store

Jewelry>>E-clipse LaShiava Necklace in Onyx|Silver Available @ L'acessoires

Hair>>Tableau Vivant Hathaway
Available @ Collabor88

Poses>> Diesel Works Alex
 Available @ Collabor88

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