Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge Week 7- Truffle Valley

    Did I come close? Oh dear. Please forgive my color blindedness lol. See, this challenge is great, because I have to actually think. It's also encouraging me to look at my RL wardrobe with a different eye as well! Never mind that I get fashion tips from my 13 year old teenager! 
   I used my client's keyword filter and looked for yellow or mustard but nothing really popped out. So I figured lets try a bronze or gold and upped pop one of Gizza's classic but oh so relevant ensembles, the Amorah (soil). I used to flaunt this number like a golden tower of slexiness around the club and it made a great talking piece for the Burlesque events :/ Sculpts are STILL in style btw.. just saying.
   Granted its not technically yellow :(( I'm so so sorry!! Will try to put a more concerted effort for the next one. The ear pieces are the latest offerings from Remarkable Oblivion at this week's SOHO Sample and my hair is from the one and only Maddox DuPont of MADesigns. I also chose to wear the Plastik's Astrali|Saturn skin with the complimentary Juna face tatt. I simply am in love with the entire Astrali series and applaud the hard work that was put into it!
    Glad you could drop by today, and I'm looking forward to finally getting caught up! Like, really really looking forward to it..with purse in hand... and coffee..treats for us stragglers.

Featured Items:
Outfit>>Gizza's Amorah | soil | by Giz Seorn
Earpieces/Earrings>>Remarkable Oblivion's Elysium in Hippogryph Available @ SOHO sample
Skin>>The Plastik's Astrali-Saturne, (Juna Face tattoo included) Available @ Skin Fair 2013
Hair>>MADesigns Aria Club | black | by Maddox DuPont 
Hairbase>>MADesigns Hairbase Hearts
Eyes>>IKON Lucid Eyes- Exposure
Pose>>!bang poses Available @ Zodiac-Aries


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