Saturday, March 30, 2013

L2S 5.. It smells purple around here..

Taken with Singularity, edited on PSE11

   Doing one of those spur of the moment posts in the middle of the night. That last shopping spurt when you can't get into a full sim (aka Pose Fair 2013 at about 1am SLT). And something's been driving my inventory wonky the past few hours.. did the sys admins fall asleep? 
  So, many of you know that Maya, the owner and designer behind Toki-Doki is back and she has released a set of cutesy cutesy Haru jackets (SO adorable). I've always loved her simple and minimilistic (sp?) approach to her designs and feature her pieces quite often. She and a handful of talented artists on the grid still incorporate painted on clothing and sculpts for which I am glad. Her mesh creations are awesome as well!
  Do visit Toki-Doki's main store and don't forget to check the hyperlinks to the events! 
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Featured Items:
Jacket>>Toki-doki Haru Jacket violet flowers Available @ TDR 9!
Pants>>erratic's zoey leather pants
Headband>>Toki-doki mighty headband 4
Necklace 1>>MagicNook Easter Egg Necklace  Available @ TDR 9!
Necklace 2>>glow studio's Zoo Panda necklace  Available @ TDR 9!
Glasses>>glow studio's Zoo Panda glasses  Available @ TDR 9!
Hair>>taketomi's Neo in dark brown by Bella Earst
Skin>>Al Vulo Ramona / Peacock Fair  Available @ TDR 9!
Pose>> Diesel Works' Beth Available @ Post Fair!!

<<< Thanks to those of you who take the time to post, create and teach us your tips and tricks to a better image. I'm learning so much, and so grateful that you all do this for no recompense. That tells me you are all sharing the knowledge to help the community as a whole, and that my friend, makes you a rock star!

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