Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge Week 16 Peony's Secret

   Am a bit late getting this posted so I might earn demerits or a time out lol! We're allowed to have fun right? Riiight.. So for this Twisted Color Challenge, I chose Shey's Laura Peplum Dress, this version recently showcased at Hollywood, the Event last week. I love that Cuba Avedon includes a texture HUD with this purchase. Yeah yeah I know the mesh cut/build/template whatever goes back to that 'sameness' issue, but think of all the pairs of skinny jeans you have in your closet that pretty much have the 'same cut' but are textured... (I MEAN, painted?? sewed? patterned?) differently.. mhm. No more talk of sameness issue with me anymore :-)
   My head is garbed with LeeZu's 'Garbo' Hat which also has a texture changer er thing! Just click on the hat and you get a drop down menu with multiple color options. Grab this goodie at this month's L'accessoires!
   This week I've been sorting and resorting my inventory virtual wardrobe closet and the flow is getting there. It used to only take me less than 5 seconds to do a keyword search and find things, but now it takes me longer because I keep 'loving' on, new brands and creations! Which.. is a good thing! Right?
   Do visit Sookie's Twisted Color Challenge for next week's color swatch and don't forget to stop by L'accessoires for April's cycle!
   Cheers :-)

Featured Items:
Dress>Shey's Laura Peplum Dress (Hollywood Event Find) by Cuba Avedon
Hat> LeeZu's Garbo Hat Available @ L'accessoires*
Shoes>Redgrave's Donna
Jewelry>Pure Poison's Gold Margaret Earrings; Takara Blue Stone Bangles from Mandala
Skin> Glam Affair's Margot
Eyes> Ikon Lucid Eyes | Exposure
Poses> Everglow, Le Poppycock

Furniture> The Loft's Newcombe Garden Table w/ Chairs (VIP group gift)