Monday, March 11, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge-Sookie's World

   Yes, I remember writing something about torture earlier today. As in, YES, I love Blogger Challenges! They're a great way to make you think about blog content (I've said this before kids!) and Sookie's Twisted Color Challenge has me rethinking the way I put outfits together in a whole new light. Now, its already Week 11 into the challenge but this whole 'styling' 'fashion' thing, is so new to me, I've had to re evaluate my inventory and read up on what EXACTLY, is my style.. again! Asking my 13 year old daughter is not the same as going through training me thinks.
   Thank you Sookie for the ingenuity of this challenge, from what I'm seeing in the Flickr Group, there are countless ways to match and style using colors I would not have otherwise thought about. 

Week 1- Tuxedo 
Top: coldLogic Hache in pitch
Top 2: Maitreya Athena Sweater creme
Collar: Gizza Blazer Suit Trave' by Giz Seorn
Skirt: DCNY Denim pencil skirt in coal black by Anessa Stine
Shoes: Boudoir Fashion Climbing Boots in black by Precious Restless
Bag: Missnoise Circus Bag by Morgana Direwytch Available on Marketplace only
Jewelry: glow studio Retro Double Clock Bracelet by Jocelyn Anatine  Available for a limited time at The Dressing Room

Week 2- Pinky and the Brain (FUN color this one!!)
Top: TSC, The Sinner's Crossroads Tea Coat, Challenge, by Stevimay Chauveau. (Will post about my love and infatuation for her Collection of Tea Coats soon.)
Pants: coldLogic  jeans Calle 
Shoes: F*S Studded Flats by Creamy Cooljoke Available at Shopping Free*Style
Clutch: HANDverk Stud Clutch in kiwi Available at Shopping Free*Style