Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ruca Tease's Olga Gown, Collabor88, FaMESHed, SOHO Sample, Shopping FreeStyle

    The beautiful Bonadea Avedon of Ruca Tease has come out with a luscious new evening gown called Olga. One thing I have admired about her work is her concerted effort with her textures. Now, I know the entire marketplace is flooded with premade mesh templates and such, but bear with me till the end of this post's conclusion to read my take on premade anything. (See by that time you'll either A. Be bored to death reading all the flack, or B. skim through to the picture and move on to the next on your feed burner)
   We can all rehash and relive the glory days of painted on textures, sculpts, and the beginnings of mesh. They served as stepping stones to where content creation is today. I myself am a cold-hearted purist and vowed only to buy products from folks like OriMeCre
   With that being said, designers who do use pre-made templates, in my opinion, have the conundrum that many a content creator has faced at least one time or another, the fact that the market gets flooded with the same templates, and customers feel like they're buying the same thing over and over again. 
   Here's where the eye for textures comes in...How do designers combat that same uphill battle of sameness,  and how well do customers respond to the textures that designers put forth in their creations? These questions are usually at the forefront of every SL fashion content creator's mind. 
   Well, here let me put a bug in your earballs... Savvy shoppers DO notice crap textures (whether mesh or painted) and no amount of Photoshopping can take away the blemishes and sheer laziness. We'll see it, we'll blog about it, and we won't buy it.
   So an encouragement from a virtual newb fashionista/consumer/purist like myself... take time with your textures, oh ye of weary handedness and know that our pocket books are plenty full, and ready to nab up whatever it is you dish out. (I type that with the utmost regalia and elegant hand 'swathing') 

      Here is the raw image of the Olga Evening Gown, and another here. You can see it didn't need a lot of tweaking at all except for brightening, and cropping to bring the fullness of the gown into view. Bonadea does this with each of her designs and I will be posting more from her line as well as her RL|SL partner's, Roscko Cobalt. more often. They've been in this for years, and are both actively involved in the SL community with various causes and events. Do visit their main store and website to get the full picture of Who and What Ruca Tease represents.
     I wanted to enter this for the Oscar Fashion Contest c/o Harper Ganesvoort, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'm glad to be able to post it now though. So thank you to Bonadea for creating this beautiful piece, I so enjoyed putting this together! Be sure to visit October's Trending Fashion this month to see Bonadea's Newest Spring Evening dress as well!

Ruca Tease Olga Evening Gown [Mesh] includes Necklace, Earrings by Bonadea Avedon

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