Tuesday, March 5, 2013

50 Shades Of Sexy Week 8 - Bound, 8+ [octoplus]


   This week, I am honored to share the designs of a new and upcoming Fashion Artiste! 
   Cris Leakey's 8+ [octoplus] brand has been on the market for some time now, and she has been a busy  little bee creating full ensembles like the one I am wearing for Week 8 in the 50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge.

   Now I promised, I would give an honest review and hold nothing back, even for this fairly new SL Fashion Blogger. This outfit is called Tonight, and appropriately so, wouldn't you think? 
   What I admire most about this piece is the daring cuts she has made into the back part of the outfit. This is where 'Bound' comes in ;-) Ties very neatly in the back with a cute bow, and binds this entire design together.
   With the advent of mesh, more and more designers are stepping out of the 'norm' and creating fun and edgy pieces. The top and bottom part of Tonight, is mesh.. and everything you see in the image except the hair, skin, eyeballs O.O (you get my point), are all included... YES even the shoes!! How awesome is that?!
    Each of her full ensembles comes complete with accessories including, shoes and jewelry. You can find an array of separates, make-ups, shapes for men and women, and more!  I've included the link to 8+ on  marketplace as she does not have an in world store (yet) and her blog as well. 

Hope you enjoy and do drop by the 50 Shades of Sexy Photo Group to see the latest additions!!