Saturday, February 23, 2013

50 Shades of Sexy Round Up!!

   Talk about out of breath and out of mind! You fashion bloggers out there have your work cut out for you, I admire your tenacity to stick to it! While I yet toss around the notion that this is anything but a fashion blog, I must conclude, that it is slowly morphing into a bit of everything I enjoy on Second Life, be it fashion, great content creation, events, causes, classes, horses and oh yes, the Second Life experience itself.
   I often tell my friends irl that immersing 'socialization' in a virtual environment can oft be a two edged sword. Tip to the extreme on either side and we can 'rent' our own well being into shreds. So kids, balance is the word of the day, eh? Now how about, lingerie? Better word me thinks!

   Tonight is the night ladies and gentlefolk, for the official 50 Shades of Sexy event at the Library. You can read more about it here to get the full picture and .. pictures! Thank you to Shiloh Selene and to the Library as well for putting this event together! Can't wait to see who's there, who's wearing whom, and who's wearing on whom neither :-)  After all, how can a sane man (or woman) not enjoy an event where Lingerie is the topic of the evening? 

Do click on the hyperlinks and grab the information!

Week 4- Pour Some Sugar On Me

If you look closely you'll see a bit of PS magic from the original Def Leppard image. The pose isn't great, but I have a subliminal message of my own :P

Lingerie: Carrie's Lingerie Punky Red Denim by Carrie Bridger 
Hair: RAW House Sorcha in Dark Blonde by Jay Khaos
Skin: Belleza's Ava SK6 by Tricky Boucher

Week 5- Bad Romance

   Week five's prompt reminded me of my ventures into the BDSM community on the grid, not so long ago. Long story short and summed up into a nice, tidy sentence, however! "You can always ask for forgiveness later!". All teasing aside, I have my experiences and misadventures from time to time on the grid, as much do we all, but 'Bad Romances', both RL and virtual, should teach us some basic lessons in life: 

1. Good lingerie you can keep forever 
2. Learn from our mistakes
3. Wash, rinse and repeat does not apply 
4. A quality riding crop cures all ills.

  Continuing to showcase Lumi's taste lingerie is a genuine treat. This outfit is called Temptation and I remember when it first came out, she helped me personally with the prim piece for the skirt. (insert newb fashion blabbering here, so sorry :/) P
  Prim skirts and I have never gotten along and Lumi was very patient until we got it fit just right. Again, her textures are unique and even without the garter layer, I've worn this as a mini dress to many occasions (sans the horse whip). Do visit taste's main location to take a peek at the rest of her creations!

Lingerie~ taste's Temptation in Emerald by Luminescent Jewell
Skin~Belleza's Kate Frost | Hair~Clawtooth's Jump Magic Silent Movie Star (Collabor88)
Prop~ MdC Riding Crop by Madame Couturier

Photo Promo and 50 Shades of Sexy created by Shiloh Selene.

First class limo service! See you at 8pm SLT Tonight!