Monday, February 11, 2013

50 Shades of... Catching Up!

   SL Blogger Challenges are something I've noticed the general community respond to positively as of late.  I just happened to come across "50 Shades of Sexy" on a Google search one day and scrolled a few lines when up popped the name of long time friend, Tigist Sapphire of Ticklemetummy. Gave her a quick ping in world to find out more about the challenge, which should be a treat for Lingerie Exhibitionists :P Scroll after the image to grab the link back to Shiloh Serene's Official 50 Shades of Sexy Prompt List...
   I was a bit late getting started, so here is my ADHD entree of Week 1's Word Prompt(s): Cotton Candy.

She's a Messy Barbie | Left to Right: iPop Barbie Heart T-Shirt by Rinka Watanabe | Hair I: Maitreya Lara II Ash Blond, Hair II: LoQ Absolut for TDR Fusion 5 | Skin: Belleza's Teal Flash Skin by Shyla Diggs | Lingerie: Glam Affair's Intima by Aida Ewing | Thing in her mouth? a Chocolate Pocky Stick 

  Okay so maybe there's not much to the image really :/ a Cotton T-shirt, and a candied mouth piece..Cotton Candy. No? Didn't make the cut? Bummer.
   All tongue and cheek aside, Blogger Challenges in general provide a creative avenue for folks (like me) to focus on relevant content. After all, dolling up our virtual barbies is great fun! But more so when we can think out of the box eh?