Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Skin That Won

    A few months ago, after starting this blog, I attempted to reevaluate my SL game-play. Why keep investing  my hard earned entertainment monies into a virtual 3-D chat platform, and not, lets say in, shoes? Two words... connections and Breedables. 
     I still think all the fashion blogs are pretty nifty, and handy in a pinch, and I still lurk around the more nitty gritty reads. And because blogs fulfill that part of the human psyche ergo our need to be heard and seen/read...figured I'd start with my avatar's baseline.
     Updating an avatar for me, takes a bit of sleuthing. A quick Google search on "Vixen Skins Second Life". (keywords, genius) And this is where I take out the virtual bristle brush and start scrubbing my arm. Little did I know that the owner of Vixen Hair/Skins (Verikai Vargas), was embroiled in a DMCA case with another popular SL skin creator, Curio (Gala Phoenix). 
    Alas, on January the 2nd, the Hush/Curio Scandal-Drama-Case-Something That will Happen Again Issue, looks as if it has been settled. Glad for Gala Phoenix and her supporters, royally ticked off at Hush/Verikai for not taking care of this sooner. Curio's products were pulled off the grid much to the dismay of thousands of residents as Hush/Verikai continued to sell her content.
   You can read more about this particular case here and here. Managed to leave comment on one of those blogs and got a 'duh idiot' reply, no where you can tell right away though, and you're welcome for the shout out. (Seriously, I love her blog). God, forbid, that I try to reevaluate my SL game-play again without it coming down to researching yet another DMCA eeshuu.
   So yeah, Big Girl Skin!  Belleza's Betty-Sunkissed Version (holy crap thats a credit whaddayaknow!) looks very Asianesque imho, and therefore I gladly dole out my shoes, I mean lindens to nab my first ever Tricky Boucher product! *cue in the hoorahs and 'its about times'*

Many thanks for visiting today fellow lurker :)